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Catching phrase about how I ended up in the tattoo industry when I was a toddler

Let me take you back to my childhood days. I was around three years old when I became a huge fan of Speed Racer, also known as Mahha GoGoGo. After that, I went through a phase where I loved Candy-Candy and was proud to wear a sweater with Candy's image to my kindergarten. I remember getting excited and running around when I saw my first kiss between a boy and a girl. As I grew older, I got into Sailor Moon, where I discovered about the characters Neptune and Uranus, who were lesbians. I was a huge fan of Sailor Mercury and Sailor Saturn. Next, I entered the era of Pokémon and bought every Pikachu I could find. I even wore my Pokémon pajamas on the streets and skipped school not to miss any new episodes. Later, I got my first computer and dial-up internet. The first thing I downloaded was "Shaman King," which resulted in my parents receiving a huge internet bill. During middle school, I discovered shonen-ai and yaoi, which I still enjoy today. I grew up watching anime and reading manga, and I am grateful for that because it has brought color and happiness to my life.

And now, the logical turn of events is to become an otaku tattooist.

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